Australian Standard AS 4421:2023 ‘Guards and Patrols Services’ Published

Standards Australia has announced the release of this new Standard (15 December 2023).  This Standard replaces AS/NZS 4421:2011, published in 2011. The governance and operating environment for guards and patrol…


Increase in Certain Crime Categories as Expected

We anticipated and forewarned that crime in certain categories will trend upwards when pandemic lockdowns are finished.  Crime trend analysis for two years to September 2023 supports our earlier assessments….


NZSA’s Security Services in New Zealand: Good Practice Guidelines

The New Zealand Security Association (NZSA) partnered with WorkSafe New Zealand and other NZ organisations to develop the NZSA’s ‘Security Services in New Zealand: Good Practice Guidelines’ (published April 2023)….


UK Government releases new National Risk Register

The UK Government 2023 edition of their National Risk Register (NRR) is available. The NRR is designed for a broad range of risk and resilience practitioners and sectors including business,…

gun crimes in the USA

Gun Crimes in the USA: Travellers and Expats require survival training

Gun crimes are regular incidents in the US. Mass shootings and gun ownership are on the rise. At the time of writing this blog (May 2023), there have been more…


Festive Season Security: A Note of Urgency

The annual festive season is fast approaching. From a security perspective, this time of year is traditionally like no other. However, this year’s festive season feels different as it comes…


National Cyber Security Exercise Series: transport and logistics sector – May to August 2023

The transport and logistics sector is critical to Australia’s economic prosperity and security, with many other infrastructure sectors reliant on the services it delivers. The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC)…


UK’s ‘Public Realm Design Guide Hostile Mitigation’

The UK’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) has recently published their 3rd edition of the ‘Public Realm Design Guide for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation’.  We recommend this guide…


Report of the Public Inquiry into the Attack on Manchester Arena

Protective security practitioners should refresh themselves of the Manchester Arena Inquiry Report, Volume One.  This Volume addresses the security arrangements at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester (UK) associated with…


Safety and Security: The need for Information and Communication

When a natural or human sourced threat occurs, it is essential that people in emergency decision-making roles have reliable and relevant information available to enable effective situational awareness. This group…


International Travel – Reorientate Your Security Thinking & Training

Should you be heading to overseas destinations, or be responsible for personnel travelling or posted overseas, it is vitally important to understand and identify how to ‘best manage’ the unique…

UK Parliament

Publicly Accessible Locations Guidance (UK) Updated

The (UK) National Counter Terrorism Security Office published an update (1 March 2022) of this comprehensive and very useful guidance. The publication provides protective security advice for various sectors and…