The annual festive season is fast approaching. From a security perspective, this time of year is traditionally like no other.

However, this year’s festive season feels different as it comes after extensive lockdown periods, widespread frustration and anxiety from COVID. It’s been a tough time and people are starting to unwind and are looking forward to a brighter 2023.

Unfortunately, the festive season also presents opportunities for criminals, including terrorists. This is because crowds are back and people are likely to be far more relaxed than they have been for a long time. The last thing on their minds is terrorism.

As well, the threat landscape will continue to change, largely influenced by events and extremist political movements in other countries as well as State sponsored terrorism against western countries. For example, the Russian war in Ukraine is seeing a spill over of terrorism in other countries.

In Australia, the government recently lowered the National Terrorism Threat Level. This is welcome news. However, the advice came with some important caveats.

Please read our LinkedIn post (30 Nov 2022) on the Government’s announcement and assessment.

Security professionals should consider advising their clients who own or manage significant places where people gather in large numbers to rethink their seasonal security risks, especially if located in CBD and major regional town centres.

Examples where there will be much higher public activity and public gatherings are public malls, shopping centres, street markets, train stations, ferry wharves, sports arenas, public transport, airports, cultural centres, amusement parks, theatres and places of worship.

In Australia, this season extends to at least the end of January. Security arrangements and vigilance should be season-tuned, sustainable and well managed to the end of the season.

It’s time to have a serious review about security for the festive season.  Recalibration of security and emergency management thinking and arrangements may be required. Review, refreshing and consolidation of precinct networks for the season should not be missed.

On this theme, please read our blog from a previous year, it has advice relevant to current times.

Our general position…

Be prepared. Assess your physical security vulnerabilities. Scrutinise your security resilience. Train for the unexpected. Practise and objectively assess your crisis, business continuity and emergency response plans. Develop a positive security culture. Gain competent advice.

Stay safe and stay Informed…

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