We enjoy working with people who share our values, prepared to challenge our perspectives and are committed to the well-being of their clients.
Harris Crime Prevention Services

Harris Crime Prevention Services specialises in crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) for new developments and security risk management consultancy services. They focus on hospitals, aged care facilities, lifestyle properties, schools, universities and airports.

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Thomas B. Locke & Associates LLC

Thomas B. Locke & Associates LLC is our affiliate consultancy practice in USA. This practice comprises highly respected professionals who provide a range of security consultancy services including risk and vulnerability assessments, threat assessments and threat management, corporate investigations and specialist technical services.

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Singlewire Software LLC

We have finally closed the vulnerability created by the disconnect between security risk management and emergency risk management with our strategic alliance with Singlewire Software LLC. Singlewire’s emergency notification software – InformaCast, reaches people on-premises and when they are mobile. Using InformaCast, HSM designs innovative notification solutions, for example, a solution that may include leveraging your existing IP video surveillance system as an integrated component within your emergency notification system.

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