About Us

Our business was established in 1983 to deal with the growing need within government, commercial, industrial and community sectors for a greater understanding of security risks and how risks can be cost-effectively and innovatively mitigated and managed.

As far as we can determine, we were the first security risk management practice to promote integrated security risk management, crime prevention, emergency risk management and business continuity planning, and to provide expertise to assist clients to develop this framework and design innovative and unified solution.

So, what makes us different?
  • The leadership team at Harris Security Management comprises internationally recognised subject matter experts. Our Principal Consultant is a member of Australian Standards committees in the areas of security, emergency, public safety and resilience. For example, FP-017 (Planning for Emergencies in Facilities) and MB-025 (Societal Security and Resilience).
  • Our team comprises security and emergency risk management experts who are licensed security consultants and qualified trainers. We have highly experienced consultants with high-level Australian Government security clearances.
  • We have unique real-world experience to support clients implementing terrorism related Guidelines promoted by the Australian Government.
  • We have many years delivering customised serious security incident (SSI) training, including terrorism preparedness and response.
  • We provide objective and rigorous assessments on the strengths and vulnerabilities of security management resources (e.g. on-site security personnel) and technical systems (e.g. video surveillance and physical access control systems).
  • We know the technical vulnerabilities of security systems, as well as their true operating costs. This is invaluable knowledge to clients considering investment in new systems.
  • We actively seek and evaluate disruptive technologies that could strategically benefit our clients. We ensure our clients are aware of how they can maximise the potential from the Internet of Things and at the same time, the associated risks.
  • We have a reputation for innovative and customised design and specification of security systems and contract security services.
  • Our qualified criminologist monitors and assesses international and national crime trends relevant to our clients, including terrorism.
  • Our engagements provide real evidence of your commitment to duty of care.
  • We are fiercely independent from suppliers of security systems and security labour (patrol and guarding) services – our expert advice is absolutely free from conflicts of interest.
No other security risk management consultancy practice possesses such an outstanding reputation for so many years.

What Our Clients Say