Trusted experts since 1983

A truly independent and multi-disciplined security risk management practice

Physical Security Vulnerability & Risk Assessments

Our 30 years plus experience extends across the spectrum of government, business and community sectors.

We apply both required and recommended assessment frameworks, underscore our processes with extensive applied research into threat dynamics, threat management best practices and international standards.

We believe reasoned risk taking provides opportunities.

Design & Specification of World-Class Security Systems

Our analysis, recommendations, designs are based on deep technical knowledge. Harris Security Management has designed and specified hundreds of systems and is absolutely independent from the manufacturers, distributors and integrators of video surveillance and physical access control systems.

Australian Government’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism

Our experience in developing resilience strategies and training programs in relation to terrorism threats originated decades before ‘9/11’, the Lindt Café siege and the Government strategy relating to terrorism. Our services include hostile vehicle mitigation strategies, active armed offender training and designing emergency mass notification solutions.

Our Proven Expertise

  • Over 30 years researching, developing and strategically applying unified Security and Emergency Risk Management (SERM) best practices to support our clients’ business resilience, corporate governance and risk management objectives.
  • We have many years of real-world experience in assessing risks, threats and vulnerabilities in terrorism contexts and strategically developing resilience and response capabilities.
  • We develop and facilitate exercises to test crisis response capabilities and to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • We objectively identify and assess operational and technical vulnerabilities and provide cost-effective, innovative, sustainable solutions to meet the individual risk profile of each client and property. We fully exploit the Internet of Things.
  • We have exceptionally strong expertise and experience in evaluating security and emergency risk management capabilities, policies and security, emergency, business continuity and crisis plans.
  • We have proven processes to identify security system vulnerabilities (including cyber risks).
  • Our recommendations are underscored by knowledge gained from hundreds of audits/reviews, forensic investigations and from our ongoing research into international best practices and technologies, as well as research into terrorism threats and crime trends. We believe in reasoned risk taking and risk management to match the context.
  • Our team’s expertise in audit programs are highly valued. For example, security systems (integrity and performance), security contractor compliance, AS3745 compliance (‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’), supply chain security/third party compliance, the ‘Crowded Places Security Audit’ as referenced in the Australian Government ‘Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism’ and the Australian Government’s ‘Protective Security Policy Framework’ (PSPF).
  • We have long experience in developing innovative and highly effective strategies for example security master planning, crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), ‘blue sky’ technology strategies, hostile vehicle mitigation strategies and security services strategies and specifications.
  • Our technical design solutions create true convergence between security and associated technologies, for example IP video surveillance and mass emergency notification systems, for single and between multiple sites.
  • The property experience gained by our consultants over many years is across the spectrum of contexts, for example large commercial CBD office properties, government buildings, shopping centres, educational campuses, industrial estates, distribution centres, hospitals, research centres, critical infrastructure (e.g. rail, ports, dams, roads, mail centres), cathedrals and open public spaces. Our experience, expertise, innovation and reputation cannot be matched.


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