Standards Australia has announced the release of this new Standard (15 December 2023).  This Standard replaces AS/NZS 4421:2011, published in 2011.

The governance and operating environment for guards and patrol services changed significantly over the life of the previous Standard, as have the expectations of clients. This update is an improvement as it recognises the changing environment.

Clients of guards and patrols services should review their current engagements with security companies with a clear view of the new Standard.  Security governance instruments (such as corporate security plans and corporate security standards) should have reference to the updated Standard.

New specifications for these services should include reference to AS 4421:2023.

Like AS/NZS 4421:2201, it should be expected that this updated Standard will be used in evidence as part of insurance and legal disputes that have claims of alleged duty of care failure in relation to these services.

Unlike the 2011 Standard, which was a published as an Australian and New Zealand Standard, the 2023 Standard is Australian only.  However, organisations on the provider side and the client side in New Zealand and indeed other countries, can still consider AS 4421:2023.  Conversely, organisations in Australia have opportunity to consider the ‘Security Services in New Zealand: Good Practice Guidelines’ (published in 2023), a worthy reference.

More Information: Standards Australia.

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