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Going Overseas?

 Should you be heading overseas, it is important to remember that political instability and government agendas at many destinations have created security risks for travellers.  In some countries, westerners are…


The Terrorism Threat – Christmas/New Year Period

The festive season is the period in which a heightened awareness for terrorism attacks is needed. Terrorism inspired by ISIS and other violent causes is a possibility, especially over the…

Decorated cone in green christmas garland

Christmas and New Year Holiday Period approaching – Are you ready?

This period has a different security risk and security threat profile.  It is vitally important that businesses and properties maintain resilience and preparedness. So why is this period different in…


On Demand Webinar: Mass Emergency / Critical Incident Notification Solutions

Our live webinar delivered by our strategic partner Singlewire on the InformaCast software is now available for viewing any time. Mass Emergency / Critical Incident Notification Capability is vitally important…


Whitepaper: Clear Communication During a Crisis

In this white paper from our strategic partner Singlewire, real world examples of emergencies are examined and an analysis is provided of the issues surrounding misinformation that spreads during these…


Mass Notifications with InformaCast

Protect what matters most with InformaCast, a mass notification system that sends audio, text and images to mobile and on-premises devices. It increases the speed, reach, and success rate of…


Do you really know the condition of your security system?

We have conducted many audits on security systems and except for a minority of these, many systems fail proper scrutiny. Our audit regime assesses technical performance, technical reliability and physical…