The New Zealand Security Association (NZSA) partnered with WorkSafe New Zealand and other NZ organisations to develop the NZSA’s ‘Security Services in New Zealand: Good Practice Guidelines’ (published April 2023).

This comprehensive publication is a must-read for security companies and security personnel not only in New Zealand, with due consideration of contextual differences.
WorkSafe New Zealand provided their endorsement of these guidelines in relation to the Health and Safety parts of the guidance.

This publication includes guidelines for security companies, guidelines for property security guards (the term used in the publication), guidelines for mobile security patrol guards, guidelines for crowd controllers, guidelines for events, venues and other crowded places, and guidelines for training.

The publication notes that although not legally binding, guidelines are admissible in court and may be used in evidence of good practice.

From our many years of providing expert evidence in legal matters when a failure in duty of care by security companies (as service providers and as employers) or by their clients is alleged, it is pleasing that there are two areas in the Guidelines often neglected in practice but often submitted in evidence. These are ‘working alone’ and ‘escalation planning’.

There are other areas discussed in the Guidelines that we see challenged in court proceedings and identified in our audits as not being fit for purpose. For example, risk assessments, site induction training, emergency management, and understanding threats and vulnerabilities.

We recommend these guidelines as a worthwhile resource to clients, insurers and auditors of security services, within and outside of New Zealand.

The NZSA recognises that the service delivery for events (concerts and sports), hospitals and courts is specialised, and as such intends to develop separate sections for each of these services for inclusion in the guidelines.

Congratulations to NZSA and their partners for these Guidelines.

The Guidelines:

Stay safe and stay Informed…

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