The transport and logistics sector is critical to Australia’s economic prosperity and security, with many other infrastructure sectors reliant on the services it delivers.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) advises that it is actively working in partnership with this sector to uplift its cyber defence capability and resilience, in particular by testing and strengthening arrangements for responding to cyber incidents.

The ACSC invites transport and logistics sector organisations to participate in a voluntary, national cyber security exercise series that is expected to take place from May to August 2023. Commonwealth, state and territory agencies with responsibilities for transport and logistics, and those responsible for the cyber security of this sector, are also encouraged to participate.

This purpose-designed exercise series will focus on the movement of freight via road, rail, aviation and ports, highlighting the importance of building resilience in the sector against malicious cyber activity. Its design has been informed by the successful completion of similar national cyber security exercises led by the ACSC, which focussed on Australia’s electricity sector and water and wastewater sector, in 2019 and 2021 respectively.

This 2023 exercise will provide a unique opportunity for organisations to:

 Be part of a national effort that strengthens cyber incident response arrangements and preparedness at the organisation, sector, jurisdictional and national levels.
 Practise and assess plans, protocols, and standard operating procedures.
 Examine interoperability of processes within and across organisations and government agencies.
 Increase awareness and understanding of potential risks and consequences.
 Participate in training and uplift activities.
 Share observations and insights gained from multiple organisations through the national exercise report.

Registration to participate in the national cyber security exercise series for the transport and logistics sector closes on 16 December 2022.

More information from the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

Parting Comments

1. Cyber security is rightfully in the forefront of vulnerability and resilience thinking. However, our evidence shows supply chain partners still exhibit physical security vulnerabilities.
2. Harris Security Management has 40 years of experience in identifying physical security risks for the transport and logistics sector. In fact, our practice was born out of the transport and logistics sector.
3. Our expert, trusted and independent services include:

 security risk assessments
 master security plans for development sites
 physical security vulnerability assessments
 security compliance audits
 security systems integrity and cyber vulnerability evaluation
 design of physical security and video surveillance systems
 development of specifications for security (personnel) services and systems
 security incident reports,
 serious security incident training
 expert witness reports for insurance claim assessment and claims
before the courts.


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