US software company Singlewire recently published a blog regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the benefits of mass emergency notification in managing personnel working remotely.

If you encourage people feeling unwell to stay at home, or you have an outbreak that forces your facilities to close, you need to have a plan and the right resources in place to manage and communicate with people if they are remote.

An outline of how mass notification can help minimize disruptions that the coronavirus might cause and help keep your people informed with updates on how you’re handling the situation is in this InformaCast blog.

Harris Security Management became a strategic partner with Singlewire software for the InformaCast mass emergency notification platform. Our perpetual focus is to enable our clients to better manage risks and improve resilience to security threats and other types of incidents.

More information – or phone Geoff +61 419 462 798 or watch the InformaCast On-Demand Webinar produced for our clients,