Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) has published a Code of Practice for Mobile Security Patrols. The Code was effective 1 January 2020 for ASIAL members. The objectives of the Code are to provide ASIAL members a practical guide for the delivery of mobile patrols, to meet the client responsibilities, provide a safe environment for the delivery of the service and importantly provide systems and communication pathways to verify the delivery of the contracted service.

ASIAL defines ‘mobile patrol’ as a security service provided by security officers travelling to multiple sites physically distant from one another, within a defined period of time. A response to a security alarm, security incident, escorts, premises unlocks, or lockups may form part of a security patrol function.

Client-side managers tasked with oversight of this type of security service should confirm the contractor’s compliance, if the contractor is an ASIAL member.

The inclusion of the Code in the specification and contract will reinforce the compliance component of audits conducted by the client’s security consultant.

The Code is available to ASIAL members here: