We have conducted many audits on security systems and except for a minority of these, many systems fail proper scrutiny. Our audit regime assesses technical performance, technical reliability and physical and cyber vulnerability of systems.

Systems include physical access control, video surveillance and emergency alarms.

Criminals often know the security system deficiencies (and security operations) at the targeted properties before they commit their crimes.

A hidden fault may develop which prevents an event from being processed or reported. A changed environment may diminish system effectiveness. Deficient system commissioning may not be identified by owners and operators. Problems may continue even after routine maintenance and costly call-outs by your security contractor to correct more obvious faults.

HSM has always been, and always will be, totally independent from security system manufacturers, distributors and integrators. Our objectivity and expertise is not influenced by ‘product sales’. Independence is important to credibility of audit outcomes and due diligence by clients.

Employers, property owners and ‘PCBU’ (under WHS legislation) have legal obligations related to security risk management. An independent security system audit by competent and licensed security consultants is essential to meet duty of care and business resilience obligations.

Our technical audit services are engaged by clients as a feature of governance, especially those in regulated industries, as well by insurance companies to assess risk exposure.

We apply the same proven and credible approach for forensic reports requested by insurance companies and lawyers after a security incident.

You will never know the true state of your security system’s integrity until it is independently audited by independent, security-licensed specialists.

Technical audits on your security systems should be a management priority.

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