Our experience shows that the majority of security systems fail when independently, and forensically audited.  Many of these systems will fail during a criminal attack.  Criminals often know the security system deficiencies and associated operational problems at the targeted properties before they commit their crimes.

Physical security and video surveillance systems must operate continuously, day by day, year by year, often in very challenging and dynamic environments.  These environmental factors accelerate the aging process.  All electronic security equipment will eventually fail, but not always in a way that is apparent to casual observation.

A hidden fault may develop which prevents an event from being processed or reported.  Problems may continue even after witness testing at system commissioning, routine maintenance and costly call-outs by your security contractor to correct more obvious faults.

Failure to remedy system deficiencies will heighten the risk to personnel, assets and business outcomes. 

The consequences of security failure also expose system owners to expensive legal (criminal and/or civil) claims for negligence, unexpected costs, business disruption and possible failure in insurance claims.


Common problems & risks include:

  •        Cyber and physical attack vulnerabilities associated with key components and system infrastructure.
  •        Sub-optimal system design.
  •        Inadequate system commissioning.
  •        Inappropriate selection and/or location of equipment.
  •        Inadequate tamper detection (e.g. on detectors, cameras, cabinets & fire doors).
  •        Electronic component failure through temperature stress, electrical transients or tamper.
  •        Breakdown of electrical connections through corrosion, vibration or tampering.
  •        Tamper-related misalignment or masking of detection devices.
  •        Inadequate back-to-base communication and system testing.
  •        Ineffective system maintenance.


Why engage HSM?

       Harris Security Management has been a leading Australian security risk management consultancy providing trusted and expert services since 1983. 

       We do not install security systems or monitor alarms – independence and expertise are critical to your due diligence, security, business and insurance protection.

       We are engaged by insurance companies to forensically audit security management systems after criminal attacks and as a proactive measure when properties have identified high crime risk.

       Our services clearly provide evidence of your commitment to security and safety duty of care.

       An independent security system audit by our licensed and highly respected subject matter experts will significantly assist you to meet legal and social responsibility obligations.

       You will never know the true integrity of your security and video surveillance systems until an audit by expert technical specialists, independent of your specifier and maintenance provider, has occurred.

Happy to discuss.

Stay safe.

Geoff Harris
Principal Consultant
Harris Security Management

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Posted: 21 July 2022.