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At Harris Security Management, we have long agonised about the entrenched fracture line between security and emergency management capability and frustrated by the mass emergency notification systems typically used, which have never been fit for purpose. This lack of capability has risks, including legal, safety, business continuity, insurance, stakeholder and reputational.

We have sought innovative technologies to truly minimise and manage security and emergency risks, threats and other incidents with convergent solutions that are reliable and have outstanding performance with operational ease and flexibility. We demand systems be sustainable – able to adapt and grow to meet the changing contexts of our clients.

We believe we have found the right solution for our clients. InformaCast is a mass emergency notification eco-system developed by Singlewire. Notifications are fast, over multiple mediums, received by different types of devices and can be initiated by human activations basically from anywhere, or by a range of IoT sensors.

For this reason, we have developed a strategic partnership with Singlewire for the InformaCast software.

This webinar will be facilitated by Doug Gland, Singlewire’s Australian Territory Manager.

Doug will provide you an insight into InformaCast’s vast, proven capabilities that will contribute to your organisation’s emergency-readiness and resilience.

When: Tuesday 14 May 2019, commencing 10.30am AEST (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne).

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Further information: or phone Geoff Harris on +61 419 462 798