Is your security system failing?

This month’s featured service is security systems audits.

Findings have revealed that 90% of security systems fail under a proper audit program. Many of these will fail during a criminal attack. Criminals often know the security system deficiencies or operational problems at the targeted properties before they commit their crimes.

Your security system’s displays do not necessarily mean all is well. A hidden fault may develop which prevents an event from being processed or reported. Problems may continue even after routine maintenance and costly call-outs by your security contractor to correct more obvious faults.

Employers, property owners and ‘property controllers’ (as described in OHS Act) have legal obligations that involve security risk management. An independent security system audit by competent and licensed security consultants is essential to meet these obligations.

You will never know the true state of your security system integrity until it is independently audited by expert technical specialists.    



Clients' Comments

“Their outcomes have a strong strategic focus with credible and comprehensive analysis and workable recommendations.  They seek opportunities and value for clients on all occasions.  The firm’s on-going research, especially into new technologies is always appreciated and encourages client confidence.  The consultants are highly experienced and very well regarded.”

“The detailed report was found to be useful and provided perspectives not considered by other companies and agencies in previous security surveys on the same sites.”

“I have always found the HSM team very motivated to work through complex issues to achieve the best possible results, highly knowledgeable, in areas of security (including Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) and related risks, security (human and technical) systems and strategic management, and always professional.  These attributes are not found in other security consultancies that generally focus on electronic methods without the environmental and social impacts fully understood.


The Royal Agricultural Society's Showground in Homebush, Sydney under construction - with a Security Master Plan by Harris Security Management


Why engage HSM?

Harris Security Management has been a leading security risk management consultancy since 1983. We do not install security systems or monitor alarms – independence and expertise are critical to your security and insurance protection.

We are frequently engaged by insurance companies to audit security systems (management & technical) after robberies and when premises have a particular high crime risk.

HSM is a ‘one stop’ integrated solutions provider. Security and emergency management is our core business; it is not a tacked-on opportunity. We have invested heavily in knowledge and continuous improvement. If we were to describe what makes us different, it would be that we maintain the highest level of expertise; we’re absolutely client focused, committed to research and fiercely independent from suppliers of technology and labour in the security and emergency industry. We have a long established, well earned reputation in minimising and managing the potential for crime, emergency incidents and systems failure and the consequent negative impact on clients and their stakeholders including employees, tenants, shareholders and insurers should an incident occur.

We achieve this objective by providing integrated strategic solutions and support to enable clients to implement a focused continuous improvement process in security and emergency risk management aimed at best practice.

No other security consultancy practice possesses such an outstanding reputation for so many years.

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